Thursday, August 7, 2014

They Pay Me To Take Time Off?

I've just hit my 2-year anniversary at work and now I'm clearing up things that have before been hazy and unclear. Just the other day I found out that my unused vacation does not carry over to the next year. They cash you out the following January. I saw a little bit of money show up in my check last year but I didn't know what it was for and wasn't about to question extra money. Now I know and all those vacation days I thought I'd saved apparently don't exist. So I have to make sure to schedule all my vacation days within the year whether I have money for it or not. Contrary to what the company seems to believe, the time off is worth more to me than the money they pay me for it.

I also found out they changed my 401K to a new company. I didn't even know though I saw the money being taken out of every check. I've since gotten all the info and am now monitoring it more closely. I can't complain though. Lately it has been doing better than the market. I may consider upping my contribution.

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