Saturday, September 6, 2014

I'll Have A Cup Of Water

I've come to notice that water cups, the kind you get at trendy cafes and fast food restaurants, are all the same. There are some minor variations such as how many ridges they have or whether they are transparent or opaque but they are generally a standard size and volume capacity. I guess one cannot expect to have a memorable experience with a beverage that eating establishments are required by law to provide you with for free. What does it say about me that I notice these kinds of things?

My issues with them are as follows: They are all too small, smaller than the smallest size of any other drink on the menu and you have to ask for refills frequently if you want to come close to quenching your thirst. They don't have lids either. There's no taking any water to go unless you just want a quick sip on your way to the recycle bin. I guess there are no real options if you committed to passing on the sodas and other confectionery beverages available. I could always buy some tea but without sugar it's just blah. A cold glass of water is much tastier and isn't that the main reason for eating out?

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