Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Is it our responsibility to look after the poor, sick, unsuccessful and generally less fortunate people than ourselves? If so, to what extent of our own income, time, effort, etc should we give? Should we be made to do it via taxes or law? Surely we should not simply ignore it and only look after our own. What percentage of people in our country would fall into this lot. Is it half? More?

I have always felt that the plight of the less fortunate is mostly ignored until their numbers come together on one issue or another to force everyone else to listen. Of course there are always people who give to charity and others in general including churches and other non-profit organizations. Those seem to help the individual or large groups but they don't generally cause any major change and often create new dependencies.

Walmart is supposedly going to open up banking with free checking to serve the people who for some reason can't open bank accounts elsewhere; people with bad credit and bad banking practices in general. I guess it's good for those people that need it which is apparently a large number of people. Is this a good thing? I know this is a business move but does this count as being helpful to those less fortunate?

If we are our brother's keeper, do corporations count as well? Does the government? Is everyone responsible to give? Should they be? I know. I know. All I have is questions.

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