Friday, October 3, 2014

Last Month in Gaming

Lately I've been on a bit of an MMO kick, not to hurry and level up to get to the end game content. It's just casual though I do play for hours when I can. Here's what I've been about:
  • ArcheAge - I played the hell out of this game in beta and loved it. It's out of beta now and the crowded servers have died down enough for me to jump back in. It appears to be pay-to-win but it's definitely not pay-to-play and it is a lot of fun.
  • Guild Wars 2 - The just recently offered a free week so I tried the game out and really got into it. You have to pay for the game one time to play it forever and every so often they drop the price for a short period so I bought it at 50% off and it is well worth the purchase. Here's my favorite review of the game.
  • Firefall - I played a bit in beta and have played a few times since it's release but while it's not terrible, I don't feel compelled to play or to keep coming back. I'm trying to give it a chance but I'm far from being able to recommend it. The premise is fine. Maybe it's just a bit too frantic for me.
  • Coraabia is a weird but artistic card game that is still in beta but got recently translated into English. You play it in your browser. Sound is not required to enjoy the experience and lately I have taken to playing it at work when I need a break from the grind. It's not quite an MMO but it definitely has a strong multi-player component, though I've been sticking to the single player portion.
Another great thing about MMOs and the like is the new content being added regularly making the game better and better and when it's free-to-play that just increases the value and the fun. That's not all I'm playing of course. I'm also finding a little time for the following:
  • Trove is still in beta and it's looking pretty good so far. I'm actually looking for something like a 3-D version of Terraria and this may come close though it's a bit too early to tell. 
  • Warlock: Master of the Arcane was a game I got for free from a giveaway over at Humble Bundle and it is surprisingly good, way better than I had the right to expect. For me it's like a cross between Civilization and Warcraft with everyone one of your units being upgradable individually over time the more they fight. On top of that all the DLC went on sale this weekend, 75% off.

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