Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tech Free Zone In Your Home

It's likely impossible for most people to have an extra "free" room in their house but wouldn't it be something to have a technology-free room? A room with no electronics, not even outlets could be interesting though likely impractical in today's modern world. If you had one, what would you do with it?

It would definitely need a good window or set of windows for light. You could read but it would have to be by candlelight in the evening. You could have one of those meetings where everyone leaves their phone on the outside before coming it. It could be a family room for old school board games, charades and the like.

Finally, the room could be a stress-free room, a place you could go to decompress, meditate, and ponder your existence without distractions. Technology provides so much opportunity for distraction. It can be like noise but the kind we have become accustomed to. My spot like this is my back yard. It provides enough seclusion and relative quiet. Now I just have to go back to reading regular books. It's pretty hard to not use my Kindle.

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