Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sick Weekend At Home

It's interesting how some things happen on the weekend but no so much during the week; like how the weather will often be decent during the week and wait for the weekend to rain continuously. This isn't my only experience with such things. I'm not exactly sure how I got sick but I began to notice the symptoms on Friday and on Saturday it hit me like a freight train.

There's nothing to be done when you catch a cold really. You can take all the medication you want, eat all the chicken soup you want, bundle up and drink a bunch of liquids, it doesn't really matter. In the end you just have to ride it out. The only thing about the process one can adjust is the manner and magnitude of one's suffering. I'm normally the type to just suffer through it drug free but this time I self medicated so I could at least enjoy some part of my weekend. What's the expiration date on Extra Strength Tylenol anyway? Does it even really expire? At least I got to break in a new video game.

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